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    Last updated: August 6, 2009

This is the genealogy world of Gerald & Tammy Howard Westmoreland.

Genealogy has been a passion (some might say obsession) of ours for over thirty years. Our roots run deep in Mississippi, but then like many of you, they trail to Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, the Carolina's, Virginia, Georgia, Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Jumping across the Atlantic, we have roots in England, Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, and other far away lands. Major surnames include Westmoreland, Stephens, Grantham, Strahan, Howard, Smith, Beasley, Rawls, Waldrop, Butler, Ferguson, Lee, Berry, Martin, Fortenberry, Weldy, Barlow, Buckley, Owens, Waltman, Thurman, Hudson, Carraway, Mason, Parker, Hynum, Myers, Newsom, Mclemore, Ulmer, and many, many more.

It has been an adventurous journey.....and it continues to be. We have over 40,000 people in our personal database so far. Use the "Our Database" section of links on the left to browse our personal database and look for connections. Also for your convenience, I've included a "Search Box" feature at the bottom of this webpage. This search box will allow you to search our personal data pages.

Over the last few decades we have collected many genealogical records across south Mississippi such as marriage dates, cemetery recordings, tombstone photos, etc. These are not just from our family, but include information from all families in these areas. We are placing this information on the many South Mississippi County websites we maintain for everyone to use free of charge. Links to these South Mississippi County Websites are in the links panel to the left. Check them often for updates.

About the ads......we have included sponsor ads on this site to help with the expense we have in gathering, maintaining, and presenting free genealogy information to everyone. Take a look at some of our county sites listed on the left and you will see how busy we have been. Computers, servers, gasoline, camera equipment, etc. really adds up fast.....and we are not wealthy people. Displaying ads for which we recieve a few cents everytime a visitor clicks on one is just a way to try to recover a little of the expense. Some folks have benifited from our work to the point of wanting to make donations (send us an email, we'll send you our address). We will never seek donations but are not too proud to accept them. Our Genealogical information is FREE and will ALWAYS be FREE to any researcher who comes along. Thank you for your understanding.

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